Have you ever stopped in your tracks as you’re attending another stressful corporate meeting and think to yourself “I just want a normal job that makes me happy”?

Well, I did, and here I am.  A CRSP (Canadian Registered Safety Professional) by trade turned baker.  Yep, I gave up the oilfield and concentrated on my now passion of baking sourdough.  I finally can say I know what I want to be when I grow up!! 

I love family and friends and entertaining.  I’m in a solid relationship of 15 years to my Fire Master as I affectionately refer to him.  We have four great kids and four grand children now.  As luck would have it, I also have my parents, and my Dad, who is 83, hand built and designed my stationary oven stand as well as my new portable Cobb oven trailer and weather proof cover!

Dave and I built the Cobb oven ourselves, stomping the clay and sand into a useful and strong oven core. 

Just call me a late bloomer with a passion for good food and bread!!

Collette with a fresh batch of pizza dough

Collette with a fresh batch of pizza dough