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Why is it called sourdough? It’s really a misnomer, and actually refers to the “mother” or starter used to ferment the dough, but it doesn’t mean the bread tastes sharp or vinegary. It’s a symbiotic culture of bacteria (lactobacilli) and airborne fungus (wild yeast), and each element within this relationship provides something the other element requires. The signature tartness of sourdough breads comes from the same bacteria that gives yogurt and sour cream their pucker too. It’s found naturally in wheat flour, and along with yeast, comes to life with water.

Collette's Kitchen
Collette's Kitchen

So, what’s so special about Collette’s sourdough? She makes it using a natural fermentation process where the wheat flour and water creates natural enzymes which break down starches into glucose. The glucose and natural bacteria becomes food for the natural yeast, and that creates carbon dioxide which is a natural leaven. When more flour & water is added, Collette gets more natural leaven.

So what does it all mean? It means nutrition is improved when the starches are pre-digested, making the bread more easily digestible, it lowers insulin response which improves glucose tolerance, it breaks down the gluten, which may result in a bread that gluten sensitive people can eat, the lactic acids make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body by helping to neutralize the phytates that interfere with absorption, and vitamin B1 is protected from the damage of the baking heat.

Collette’s bread is made right from the heart. Collette loves to make her sourdough bread and you can tell. The taste is amazing and the texture is truly just that, what bread should be like. I have known Collette and purchased her bread over the past few years, and Collette’s Kitchen is definitely a place I would recommend to anyone who wants quality in their bread.
— Leah (Testimonial)
Collette's Kitchen

Where To Find Us

You can find Collette’s fabulous baked goods at various farmer’s markets and special events. You can also pick up your order and we may even deliver right to your door (if you’re in the local area).

Upcoming Markets & Events



Watch for local events where you can find us!
We’ll list them right here!

Sunday, December 16 - 11 AM to 4 PM
Northern Lands Christmas Market
Prairie Gardens - 56311 Lily Lake Road, Bon Accord, AB

Hop in your car and head out to Edmonton’s countryside for the 3rd annual Northern Lands – Prairie Collective Gourmet Holiday Market at Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm – just 25 minutes from Edmonton on 97 St.

For the second consecutive year, the market will focus on sustainable local grown and handmade gourmet foods. Select local farmers, chefs and artisans will offer delectable holiday fare; taste and receive expert wine and spirits advice, enjoy cheery bonfires, and old fashioned Christmas Fun in cozy warm greenhouses, along with outdoor Christmas Train Rides, Family Druming with Mother Earth Rhythms Drummer Deb Bortscher, Mazes and Petting Farm.

This will be a unique and engaging way to kick off the holiday season in the tradition of winter Christmas markets of Europe!

If you are looking for unique, delicious holiday fare for your sideboard and thoughtful gifts for the holiday season, make a point to come shop the show. Not only will you find unique handcrafted gifts for your loved ones, you will also be supporting our local farms and talented Edmontonian artists and artisans.

Market offerings include Prairie Gardens Christmas baking, homemade fudge, winter vegetables and grains, Prestige fine wine and whisky tastings (and the ability to order your favourites), toasted marshmallow on an open fire, fine art, spa salts, bath products and more!

The whole family will enjoy the expedition! In addition to Christmas shopping, a visit with Santa, outdoor winter fun, The Christmas Wrapper (Heather D. Swain) , a rock n’ roll Christmas band (family friendly) with El Niven and Friends, there will be winter mazes, and indoor views of a sustainable year round micro greens greenhouse production at this small scale local farm.
Collette's Kitchen
Collette's Kitchen
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Collette's Kitchen

Aside from cooking your food over an open fire, it doesn’t get more primal than a traditional wood-fired oven. Wood-fired ovens have been used since ancient times by a plethora of cultures, and not only can they make your food taste great, they offer health and environmental benefits as well. A well-designed wood-fired oven offers many benefits over conventional ovens. The biggest advantage comes from using high heat and a live flame inside the oven. The heat in a wood-fired oven generally ranges between about 500 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The speed at which baking occurs retains nutrients and antioxidants that might otherwise be depleted with a longer cooking time. The benefit to flavour, many experts agree, is the evenness of the heat distribution. The smoke flavor imparted by the wood also adds an extra flavor dimension that is impossible to recreate in a standard oven.
Wood-fired cooking is also an environmentally friendly option, as it requires no electricity or gas; just the heat from the fire.

Collette's Kitchen
Collette's Kitchen
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Collette's Kitchen